memory book


if you are a follower of this blog or a friend who pops in for a visit ever now and again – you probably know that the weirdly written compositions are several years perspective from myself. remembering about life for those who cannot remember about their life. as we age the only things we have left are memories – it is pretty sad when something takes them away.

how it started
i was standing outside on the patio watching the first snow fall and noticed a single impression on the ground by a shoe. a footprint – a sole impression – a souls impression. an impression without direction as it was alone and no trace of any prints leading to or away. what if i were to write short prose to describe memories as they have occurred and as they occur. that is what started this idea to write and publish for intent to raise awareness to those without memories. i will share my memories …

the book
i will then assemble my writings for a book complete with some art work. i have just under 50 posts and 12 short stories. i would think a combined total of 100 is when i could stop.

the final product will be a 100% charity item. so, all the costs will hopefully be donated. however, i do expect some fees for product and services. i really want this to be 100% charitable donation. i will also work on partners and sponsors for the project.

i have started the process of getting the book underway. i will have to select many different industries and creative people to help complete this project. the charity of choice will be Alzheimer’s. i have a parent and several relatives whom are suffering through this disease.

i don’t quite have any idea other than clean and simple. lots of white space. traditional font and type set. i am visiting many book stores and seeing what is out there. i have a better idea later this month.

i will have to spend quite a bit of time hashing this over. as my parent is an artist and suffering from the illness – i would like to use some of those pieces. also, considering the use of external art to be showcased and auctioned during the book | website launch. i still have to think about this more.

added bonus to help raise awareness to Alzheimer’s. i would print t-shirts with artwork inspired by anyone whom is affected by a family member or friend with this disease. i am a summer person – so selling the shirts at a time of year when people can wear them is important.

art show and auction
i would think that any of the original pieces that are donated will be a tax deduction for the artist and buyer. this would also be good exposure to any artist wishing to donate a piece.

we are aiming for january 2012. which is alzheimer’s awareness month. we also have another publication to be released at the same time based on pub observations – memories but considerably more humorous and light-hearted.


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