i like today

February 22, 2016 § 1 Comment


on days like today, i can’t wait to put the winter garments away.

the winter boots occupy the quintessential spot used by flip flops.

whether, the preeminent transition of definitive seasonal footwear .. changes weather

unpredictably, we live not knowing what nature has us store

so, pulling things of habit by not digging deeper into the cabinet

the moon swings by to ground us

the flip flops inside winter boots in same space solves the day

.. i like today


weirdly written so, you don’t have to be

an originally weirdly written by
dfmw © 2016 all rights reserved


my little place

March 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

saving time in my little place …

next please
another experience down the drain
move on to lessen the pain

yes please
change the time
make sure it rhymes

next please
once again we repeat
without skipping a beat

our life segmented
separated in two
arise from bed
to spring ahead

yes please
look to the sky
anticipate why

next please
new seasons to explore
the sun shining full bore

what’s on the horizon
a journey to define
i’ll be sure to write
keep things bright

next please
i think it’s best
to put things to rest

a change is due
new colour or hue
i must change my space
look for another little place

no thanks
are you sure
just the tab sir

creating weird – so, you don’t have to be …

an original weirdly written by
dfmw © 2011 all rights reserved

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