i like today

February 22, 2016 § 1 Comment


on days like today, i can’t wait to put the winter garments away.

the winter boots occupy the quintessential spot used by flip flops.

whether, the preeminent transition of definitive seasonal footwear .. changes weather

unpredictably, we live not knowing what nature has us store

so, pulling things of habit by not digging deeper into the cabinet

the moon swings by to ground us

the flip flops inside winter boots in same space solves the day

.. i like today


weirdly written so, you don’t have to be

an originally weirdly written by
dfmw © 2016 all rights reserved


Snow Falling On Cedars

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s looking a lot like winter around here.

It’s hibernation time again.
You can’t help but feel a wee bit older every time a new season arrives.
Especially a dramatic seasonal change like falling into winter.
Fall usually brings out the plaid amongst us.
The Plains transform into plaid blankets of colour.
While the mountains show their frosting on top.
No Frosty the Snowman’s yet.
The sun now sets and rises later then we do.
It starts to get darker around this neck of the redwoods.
Rednecks get covered by a Woods down jacket pulled up.
Toques, gloves, mittens, scarfs and mufflers appear.
Smoke appears from the cars muffler.
Rosy cheeks, frozen breath and fogged glasses.
Shoveling snow is depressing.
Shoveling anything is depressing.
Except maybe that extra mouthful of turkey.
Some sports end.
While some sports begin.
Once upon a nocturnal television night.
I couldn’t  see the characters without a light.
So, I turned up the volume.
I also couldn’t hear the voices over the background music.
So, I turned up the volume.
Then I couldn’t hear myself think.
The volume was to loud.
Turning down duvets for the bed.
Turn the furnace up in the house.
Seal the cracks, kick out the mouse.
Plan for the present ahead.
One Season has past.
Season Greetings around the corner.
Celebrate a New Year with joy.
Another candle for the cake.
Nature is  getting colder.
Just a reminder that we’re getting older.
Time to sleep.

An Original Weirdly Written by
dfmw © 2010 All Rights Reserved

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