wow, wow webbie – sodies indeed.

We are taking the weirdly written to video and will start with a few webisodes derived from our writings.

The style will follow these old examples below. Essentially we take an topic  that is boring to read on paper and overall not the interesting. But, turn it into a webisode or spoof and then it’s watchable.

The following webisodes were found by a boy who fell down a hole. When he turned on his swiss army knife light – despite being dark as night he heard the voices say – don’t do it, they ‘re to old and ugly. Then his friend fell on top of him and broke the light. When they climbed out of the whole the two buddies emailed a couple old school webisodes – and laughed about the day’s fright. – [just another dumb story]

Heads up, folks – we started developing webisodes 7 years before You Tube.

Remember Folks – Creating Weird – So, you don’t have to be …

An Original Weirdly Webisode by
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